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All done! After spending quite some time on writing the thesis, I have successfully completed my PhD studies in June 2015. The thesis, a lengthy 386 pages of PDF, contains a lot of ideas, descriptions and justifications on capturing interactive proof process to facilitate extraction of reusable proof strategies as well as for other uses.

Capturing Proof Process - PhD thesis

The thesis is titled Capturing Proof Process and is available in the publications list. The tools described in this thesis — the ProofProcess framework — are available on GitHub. Time permitting, I am hoping to continue improving the tools and update them to the most recent versions of the supported theorem provers.

As my first post-doctoral position, I have started working on the Taming Concurrency project together with Prof. Cliff Jones. The project tries to unpick the popular approaches to concurrency reasoning, namely the Rely/Guarantee thinking and Separation Logic to get to the underlying issues, ideas and strengths in order to improve the overall approach to reasoning about concurrency in software.

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