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Presenting at FM2012 Doctoral Symposium

I will be attending (and talking at!) the Doctoral Symposium at FM2012 (18th International Symposium on Formal Methods) in Paris next week. A preprint of the accepted publication on my PhD research is available from here, as well as a Newcastle technical report.

The publication and talk uses the current working title of my PhD: Inferring the Proof Process. I try to cover the ideas of what I am aiming for with my research (i.e. what describes a proof process? how can we capture and understand the expert’s ideas?), as well as current results (the ProofProcess framework) and future directions (i.e. how can we automate the proof process capture and analysis?)

The actual abstract is below:

This PhD project aims to investigate how enough information can be collected from an interactive formal proof to capture an expert’s ideas as a high-level proof process. It would then serve for extracting proof strategies to facilitate proof automation. Ways of inferring this proof process automatically are explored; and a family of tools is developed to capture the different proof processes and their features.

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