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List BibTeX publications in WordPress with papercite

I am still staying away from the social aspect of scientific reference management, à la CiteULike or Mendeley. Instead, I manage my research references the old-fashioned way: as BibTeX files using the excellent BibDesk. So when I set up this website I looked for a WordPress plugin to embed my BibTeX files into a page. I opted for a plugin instead of various bibtex2html options to avoid manually updating the page when BibTeX file changes.

The papercite plugin won eventually among the several available choices, because it is actively updated and had a nice template out of the box. I quite like the expanding BibTeX entry…

It has been recently updated to version 0.4, which features a couple of my contributions: the plain citation style and av-bibtex entry template. The plain citation style aims to mimic its namesake in LaTeX distributions. The av-bibtex template adds support for displaying abstract and URL fields: it is was used in my publications page. Yes, it is not a perfect showcase with a couple entries, but hey, I am working on adding more during my PhD!

Get papercite plugin from Wordpress plugin directory.

Update: I have since moved my website from Wordpress to Jekyll and my publications page no longer uses papercite. However, the current publications template is quite similar to the one originally mentioned in this post.

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